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Yacht Series

Our yacht series ranges from 48 to 77 feet.

Delice 48
We consider our Delice 48 the most spacious 48 feet yacht on the market. It is a unique yacht in its range as no other 48-feet boat embodies the same characteristics.

It is the ideal weekend and holiday cruiser for the full family with 3 bedrooms accommodating 6 passengers plus crew. Modifications to the space distribution are possible.

Starting price basic GCC version AED 1,800,000 - USD 493,150

This yacht is available as lounge version including one salon on the main deck and a lounge on the lower deck including 4 medium-sized cabins accommodating up to 10 passengers overnight or as a spacious cruiser with 3 to 5 luxurious cabins & bathrooms. In its lounge version ideal for day charter trips hosting a large number of guests or in its cruiser version for extensive holiday trips with all amenities.

Starting price: Lounge version AED 3,150,000 / USD 863,000
                        Cruiser version AED 3,800,000 / USD 1,041,100.

Delice 75
The flagship of our Delice range includes everything a yacht of this size and design should offer - and it does.
Still, starting at AED 6,935,000 resp. USD 1,900,000 this yacht comes at an affordable price without detriment to the quality.

Duretti 777
The latest model of our yacht range - a stunning yacht at 77.7 feet lenght with an ultra-luxurious lay- & fitout.

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