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Delice 48

Do not let appearances fool you. For false impressions have always resulted from looking at the outside before looking at the inner values.

Welcome on board of the most spacious 48 feet boat!

The Duretti Delice 48 is a unique yacht in its range for no other 48 feet vessel embodies the same characteristics. This singular marine craft is a "trompe l’oeil" par excellence. Keeping the same hull design and architecture, we succeeded in placing a beamy yacht in a regular one.


14.9 m

48.9 ft


4.5 m

14.9 ft


1.2 m

4.0 ft

Max. Speed

48 - 52 km/h

26 - 28 knots

Cruising Speed

37 - 43 km/h

20 - 23 knots


18 t

Fuel Capacity

1893 l

500 gal

Water Capacity

379 l

100 gal

Before we climb the first small steps into the Duretti 48, we stop at the stern, at the doors of two small cabins placed on each side of the ladder. One cabin is designated to be the crews’ private space from which it is possible to access the engine room that provides enough space for technical intervention and manoeuvres.

As for the other cabin, it is no other than the galley, smartly displaced from the saloon to the back of the yacht. A fully equipped kitchen enabling you to indulge your family and friends with delicious dishes in an environment free of cooking odour.

We made sure to grant you your favourite living area designed by our skilful Italian designers. In a sophisticated milieu our main deck is bright, impregnated with the warmth of the parquet wood flooring and the light cream touch of natural leather sofas, yet dominated by the blue of the ocean. With wide windows all around the boat, the saloon has a panoramic view embracing the sea and sky.

Just lay on one of this comfortable sofas and relax in the arms of the peaceful blue. We placed a 42 inch LED screen and a HiFi Dolby Surround system all around the yacht, just for your own delight. The captain’s precious place, the helm, is situated on the side of the saloon. A design that completes the luxurious sailing.

Taking the teak stairs down the lower deck is heading towards your sweetest dreams. An intimate and wonderful ambiance characterizes your elegant master bedroom. You float on water when lying on your fluffy comfortable large bed. Just take a glance outside the window and you will be tempted to surrender to the enchanting sea. The wide windows flood your room with light. Hence, for a dim atmosphere, just push the button to drop the curtains electrically. For your own personal use, a fancy head is established in your room.

Complete furnished guest cabins are ready to receive your guests in a happy and relaxing atmosphere, providing them all means of comfort and privacy.

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